THE EMERALD BANANA Chapter 1: Blue Feather

In the land of Elkspara, things were peacefully calm, with the kindly Queen Merosa overlooking everything, so no one really ever lived in fear, and each day passed by with a breeze. One day though, there was a disturbance in the harmony, when the Queen’s special emerald banana was stolen, not even her trusted guards could track down the thief, but why was this emerald banana so important? Well, it was the life source of Elkspara, the energy that powered everything and everyone.

Merosa paced up and down her thrown room, puzzled by the idea of someone breaking into her palace, when she knew that her security had always been very tight, it was a peculiar mystery that deeply upset her. She went out of her to way to investigate herself, tracking down potential clues that would expose the culprit, but it was like the thief had flown in and out without leaving any evidence behind.

Then, Merosa found a very strong clue, she discovered a blue feather in the room that kept the emerald banana safe, only one kind of creature would be behind all this, a Zorksta! These devilish humanoid birds have always wanted power, frequently attempting to overthrow many kingdoms across the world, but they always failed, their frustration must have led them to desperate measures, which means bad news for Elkspara.

To make things worse, the guards of Elkspara suddenly developed a terrible disease, with no known cure available to save them, meaning that her majesty had no army to retrieve the emerald banana from the Zorkstas, who could take their place? Well, Merosa made a decision, she would hold auditions for a warrior, someone who could be courageous enough to brave their way to Zorksta, to rescue the emerald banana, thus saving Elkspara from losing their power.

Many Elksparan people tried out, each one displaying an impressive skill! Roberta the archer, with her slick use of a bow and arrow, Kunk the huge wrestler, who could squash boulders with his pinky finger, Sephita the psychic, a woman with amazing telekinetic abilities, and finally, there was Jastro, an elf that blew spectators away with his swordsmanship. Unfortunately, Merosa could only hire ONE warrior, due to most of the royal budget going towards finding a cure for the guards’ disease, but who?


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  1. Emmanuel Appiah

    I picked the archer because the enemy is a bird. A swordsman and a wrestler will have a hard time dealing with a bird

  2. A dynamite chapter with buckets of energy. Can’t wait to get down and dirty with the Stinky Swamp. Consider me subscribed!

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