THE EMERALD BANANA Chapter 2: The Stinky Swamp


After careful consideration, Queen Merosa knew who would be most ideal for this quest, the telekinetic Sephita, because her supernatural powers would give her an advantage over most enemies, it was a choice that the Queen was very certain about. Sephita had long bright purple hair, a mysterious jagged scar across her face, bright green eyes, a piece of her ear was missing, and her body’s muscles were bulked up from years of strenuous physical training. Unlike the other warriors, she had a serious look to her expression, almost deadpan, this look even scared the other warriors who auditioned.

Sephita packed her bag with resources, from healing potions to nutritious snacks, knowing what kind of adventure she’d be facing. She then put on her Armour, which looked very scratched up, but was still good enough to wear, she was confident that the metal was strong enough to withstand her journey ahead. After getting herself ready, Sephita did a brief little practice with her powers, by waving her hand in the direction of a chair, using her mind to lift the furniture high into the air, only to smash it into wooden pieces against the wall.

As she left her house, Sephita was greeted by a crowd of cheering Elksparans, many throwing flowers at her feet, but this celebratory praise washed over Sephita, who retained her blank expression, she didn’t even bat an eye when an old man threw his underwear at her in smitten gratitude. At the end of this crowd, was the Queen herself, who smiled warmly at Sephita, shaking the warrior’s hand with a jolly thankfulness, but Sephita’s just stared back coldly.

Sephita began walking out of Elkspara, with the aid of the continent’s map in her right hand, her adventure had finally started. At the edge of Elkspara, was a foggy swamp, Sephita had to trudge through this bog in order to reach her next stop, even if it meant taking in a strong horrible stench of wet frogs and putrid sludge. Sephita pinched her nose, while trapsing through sloppy mud with the grace of a gangly flamingo, even this stoic warrior found such a terrain to be difficult to travel through, she kept pushing on through though.

Now, she had no choice but to walk through the swamp’s river, to cross to other side, she reluctantly stepped into the water, still holding her nose with clenched fingers, but then she noticed something bubbling, the bubbles grew bigger, and up popped a snarling jaw! It was a Grozuck, a beastly creature that looked like an alligator from hell, with glowing red eyes that even sent shivers down Sephita’s spine. While Sephita was telekinetic, she could only control objects with her mind, not living things, so she had to use something nearby for defence.

Sephita looked around, the Grozuck snapped maniacally at her, she then spotted a boulder that she could use, she reached her hand towards the boulder, straining to lift it’s immense weight, as the Grozuck’s jaws started biting nearer towards her, could she lift the boulder in time to save her life? Slowly, but surely, the boulder began to wobble into the air, Sephita directed the floating big rock closer to her, and dropped it on the Grozuck.

The boulder landed with a thump on the Grozuck, which had thick hard skin, the monster wasn’t killed, but it fainted from the intense impact of the boulder. Sephita knew that she had to start running through the river, fearful that the Grozuck would wake up soon, and she safely climbed onto the other side of the bank. Once on the other side, she inspected her surroundings, spotting an exit from the swamp, a bright gap of light between two vine wrapped trees, and ran towards it.

Now out of the swamp, Sephita stopped pinching her nose, she took in the fresh air with a deep breath of relief, noticed that she was now in a green valley, and saw that she had three paths to choose from. She checked her map, but realised that the Grozuck had snapped a bite out of it, with her current location now missing from the paper, she scrunched it up in frustration, and looked at her choices. One path spiraled into a dark forest, another path stretched towards a nearby quaint town, and the last path went towards a tall rocky mountain.


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