THE EMERALD BANANA Chapter 3: Welcome to Willawesa


Without a map, Sephita knew that the best path to take, would be the one leading to the nearby town, because maybe someone there would be able to tell her where she is. So, she followed this path, arriving in a quiet little town, with charming simple houses, it all seemed so lovely, and Sephita felt at ease walking through each street.

Before anything, she knew she would need something to eat, so she stepped into a restaurant, ordered a salmon fillet with salad, then sat down at a table. She noticed that the restaurant didn’t have many customers, just an old man smoking a piper in the corner and a mother feeding her baby by the window. The waitress had gone into the kitchen, to announce Sephita’s order, the chef growled back to confirm he had heard, and Sephita gave an awkward slanted smile to the waitress.

The walls were a patchily painted creamy white, small cracks could be seen in the ceiling, the furniture looked worn out, and the floor was covered in sawdust. The counter had a full display of homemade cakes for sale, which made Sephita lick her lips, but she knew that all those calories wouldn’t be good for her long walks ahead, she had to eat healthily, as tasty as that chocolate fudge cake appeared.

After a while, a waitress gave Sephita her salmon, the telekinetic warrior chowed down happily, starving after trudging through the swamp, savoring the salty chewy fish in her mouth. She then ordered a glass of mango juice to quench her first, the tropical fruity flavour tingled her tongue, with her dry throat soothed by much needed liquid, and she felt fully refreshed.

She then stepped away from her table, went up to the counter, paid 140 gold, and collected her change. Before leaving though, she forwardly asked the waitress “Excuse me, but can you tell me the name of this town?”, Sephita retained her intimidating serious look while saying this though, and the waitress nervously replied “Oh… erm… It’s… You’re in Willawesa”.

Sephita left the restaurant, she tried to recall where Willawesa was on the map, but her memory was a blur, how could she go anywhere if she didn’t even know where she was? So, she looked around for a map shop, but no such thing seemed to be in Willawesa! There was a book shop that only had books about feta cheese, a store that sold wooden sporks that looked more like spoons, a cafe full of elderly ladies arguing about the best kind of sand, but no map shop.

She checked her wallet, counted her gold, then thought about hiring a carriage to take her to Zorksta, but could she afford it? She approached a coachman, offered him 200 gold, asked “Can you take me to Zorkstan?”, but he looked back at her in disgust, like she had just offered him a dead bird with a missing eye. The coachman snarled, spat at Sephita’s feet, shook his fist, and shouted “You dare give me your chump change for a ride all the way to Zorkstan?!”

So, she asked another coachman for a ride to Zorkstan, offering 210 gold this time, the coachman stroked his beard, and proposed “I’ll take you to Zorkstan, for 230 gold, but I also want you to steal me the Sheriff’s badge, because then people would respect me more!”. Could Sephita steal a sheriff’s badge? Heck, if she had the cheek to do that, she could steal the carriage itself! Or maybe she could offer a higher price to the other coachman?

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  1. Hans Von Rostock, 5th Earl of Weselton

    Huge improvement in terms of writing. Descriptive language here really shines, and, whereas both previous chapters had no spoken dialogue, here you are introducing it in a way which makes sense. The only problem is, which technology level is this world supposed to have? You described the restaurant as similar to a modern restaurant, even in a fantasy-style kingdom. Also, you could also have more chances for Sephita to show off her powers.

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