THE EMERALD BANANA Chapter 4: A Fun Wager


“Screw it” thought Sephita, as she yanked the coachman out of his carriage, hopped into the seat, and started to drive away. The coachmen were all angered by this, the knocked off coachman jumped onto another carriage, and six carriages started racing after Sephita.

Luckily, for Sephita, a map was kept in the front seat of the carriage, she started reading where to go next, only to hear gunsots, the coachmen had caught up with her, so she urged her horses to go faster. The six carriages chased Sephita into the desert, continuing to fire their pistols at the warrior’s stolen carriage, but Sephita could only keep driving.

Suddenly, one bullet hit Sephita’s carriage wheel, the carriage began falling apart, but Sephita refused to give up, she commanded her horses to go even faster, but the coachmen then managed to shoot the other wheel of Sephita’s carriage. Sephita’s carriage started to wobble, the wheels collapsed off, leaving Sephita stranded, as the coachmen halted their horses.

Sephita stepped away from the carriage, she put the map in her pocket, then the coachmen circled around her, all armed with pistols, each one wearing a smile of victory. Before any coachmen could pull their triggers though, Sephita bent every pistol upwards with her telekinesis, then she used her mind to also empty every gun’s ammo, and the coachmen gasped in frustrated confusion.

Sephita cracked her knuckles, spat at the ground, then confidently said “Look, I’m on my way to Zorkstan for a reason, the Zorkstas have stolen a magic gem that powers the whole of Elkspara, I have been hired to retrieve it”, but the coachmen just groaned at her explanation.

One coachman replied “We don’t care, you forced us to shoot apart Jeff’s carriage, how is he going to make a living now?!”. Sephita rolled her eyes, recalling that Jeff was the coachman who asked her to steal the Sheriff’s badge for him, he didn’t exactly have a moral high ground when it came to thieving himself, but Sephita brushed that thought aside.

Another coachman chimed in saying “All you warriors are the same, thinking that your heroic quest entitles you to do whatever you want, as if good intentions trump possible casualties!”, Sephita sighed and then used her telekinesis to build Jeff’s carriage back together. Jeff was ecstatic, he ran up to his carriage to embrace it, kissed it all over, and the other coachmen were surprised by her kind gesture.

Sephita then pulled out Jeff’s map, she proposed “Look, my map got destroyed, perhaps we can make some kind of deal? I agree that it was wrong of me to resort to stealing, but I can’t give you much gold for a ride to Zorkstan”, she waved the map at Jeff, and the coachmen huddled around to discuss an answer.

Yunkel, the leader of this band of coachmen, coughed loudly, pulled his belt line up, and suggested “How about a game? You can decide which one, we coachmen like our wagers to be fun. If you win, you keep the map, but if we win? You have to work for us!”. Sephita started pacing up and down the sand, the sun scorching over her, as the coachmen laughed and mocked her.

Sephita tried to think of games to play, ones that she knew that she was good at, she needed to have the advantage here. There was Ark Dee Ko? A card game that she played in her youth! Or maybe Skullywonk? A game in which players wrestle blindfolded, but she couldn’t forget that she was a pro at Two truths and a lie. However, she did also remember that she won a pie eating contest a few years ago, could this be the game she should offer to play?


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  1. Francesco McLeod

    I liked how you commented on the recklessness of the traditional hero, making them face the consequences of their actions. Growing up, I never really liked how heroes on TV went around destroying buildings in their wake and I’m glad you addressed how this would work in the real world.

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