“The Emerald Banana” Chapter 6: The Cursed Town


Sephita pondered over Hambridge’s offer for a few seconds, then nodded at the old wizard, which made Hambridge do a giddy child like cheer. As the evening went on, everyone put aside their differences, the wagon riders forgot their pride, and Sephita joined the tavern patrons in songs & games.

It was getting dark, so Sephita decided to stay the night in a room at the tavern, knowing that she had a long wagon ride ahead of her the next day. The room she booked was cosy, with a simple well made bed, a gorgeously crafted wardrobe, and a book shelf containing a variety of novels. Sephita picked a book, lit a candle, then read until she felt sleepy.

The next day, Sephita and Hambridge climbed onto Yunkel’s wagon, both men were suffering from severe hangovers. Yunkel commanded the horses to start trotting, off the three of them went, on a road trip to Zorkastan. After a few days, the dessert landscape started to become cold, as the wagon arrived in the snowy town of Ikacle, the frosty air made Hambridge shiver in discomfort.

Yunkel, feeling somewhat sorry for his passenger, suggested to Hambridge “Mate, there’s a winter jacket in the wagon, help yourself”, and the old wizard scrambled to find the warm clothing. Ikacle was much quieter than Willawessa, almost baron in comparison, as if they had arrived in a ghost town. There wasn’t many houses, mainly sticks tied in an “X” shape planted in the snow, and a couple wonky trees without any leaves.

Even Hambridge felt uneasy about this place, but Yunkel was calmly composed, and Sephita retained her stoic abrasiveness. Then, suddenly, Yunkel halted the the wagon, he froze still, Hambridge and Sephita looked ahead to see what was up, only to see a misty dark figure.

Sephita turned to Yunkel, she asked him “Who is that? And why are there so many crosses planted everywhere?”, Yunkel nervously replied “This town is said to be cursed, I thought we’d be safe because these X marks are supposed to ward off evil spirits, but… that’s one right ahead of us..”

Hambridge covered his mouth to stop himself from screaming, even the brave Sephita gulped, then Yunkel asked the two “Should we keep going? Or find a different route to Zorkastan?”, and Sephita bravely pointed ahead. Yunkel reluctantly signaled his horses to move forward, but at a steady pace, as the dark figure became clearer, and Hambridge covered his eyes with his pointy hat.

After a few minutes, the wagon came face to face with the spirit, Yunkel stuttered “H-h-hey! Spirit, be gone with you, these markings are here to protect this town, go away!”, but the spirit just kept floating there, like it didn’t hear a word of what Yunkel said, and the wagon rider boldly shouted “If you don’t get out of our way, we WILL use brute force, my passengers have very strong powers!”

Hambridge stared in repulsed shock at Yunkel, Hambridge snapped “Don’t force me into combat with that thing!! You know that I don’t that many spells!!”, Yunkel rubbed his head in annoyance, then told the old wizard “I’m bluffing you stupid geezer! He doesn’t know that”, and suddenly the figure began hovering towards the wagon.

Sephita got ready to defend everyone, not even knowing if her telekinesis could overpower an evil spirit, while Hambridge started fumbling through his pockets for his wand, and Yunkel whipped his horses into trotting in a fit of panic. As the wagon started racing away, Sephita looked back to see that the evil spirit was now charging after them, looking like it was angry, and Yunkel urged his horses to trot even faster.

The spirit opened it’s mouth, revealing a long snake like tongue, it was now gliding faster towards the wagon, Hambridge screamed in a high frightened pitch at this. Sephita was trying to hold tightly onto the rails, knowing that staying on the wagon was what was most important right now, she closed her eyes as the falling snow rushed into her face.

The spirit unfortunately caught up with our heroes, only for it to literally pick up the wagon, it then tossed the wagon off the road, and the wagon landed with a crash on the snowy ground. The wagon was now in pieces, Yunkel was fuming at this, but the bigger problem was facing the evil spirit, so Sephita stood up to face this demonic ghostly creature.

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