Echogeddon Quiz

Click here to listen to episodes 1 – 5 of “Echogeddon”

Copy & Paste the quiz sheet below into an email, type your answers next to each question and send your answers to before June 1st, Good Luck!



1. What is Zoe’s last name?
2. Dread’s power is to shapeshift and read minds, true or false?
3. Who provided the voice of Frostiscus the vile?
4. What games console is kept in the Squad’s girls room?
5. Who is Lucy’s favourite super hero?
6. What is Lucy’s power?
7. When the squad go camping, what does Brinton roast on the campfire?
8. Who was the first Vile that Zoe fought?
9. What is Zoe’s favourite meal?
10. The Vile named Dread transformed into which character in episode 5?
11. What is Brinton’s first name?
12. Danny is 14 years old, true or false?
13. How does Brinton like his tea?
14. In episode 3, which foods does Zoe choose in the cafeteria?
15. What is Sam’s military rank?
16. What snack does Brinton request in the meeting room?
17. How old is Zoe?
18. The Squad gained their powers by being bitten by radioactive animals, true or false?
19. What does Danny like to collect?
20. What does Brinton call Zoe?
21. What name does Brinton suggest to Sam for their tent making team?

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