LAIKA Release First Trailer For “The Missing Link”

Written by Jambareeqi

Posted 8th November, 2018

LAIKA, the animation studio behind such great stop motion films as “Coraline” and “Paranorman”, have released a new trailer for their upcoming feature film “The Missing Link”, a movie about an eccentric explorer Sir. Lionel Frost, discovering a legendary creature called Mr. Link, and how he helps Mr. Link find his own kind.

This film looks cute, but nothing too remarkable, it seems less daring and more light hearted compared to LAIKA’s usual films, which isn’t bad thing, it just makes it hard for me to get too excited about it. We’ve seen a lot of movies about a protagonist returning a character to their family, so I can’t say that LAIKA isn’t playing things safe, because it is familiar ground. I’ll admit that most of the trailer’s jokes didn’t make me laugh, bar the one where Mr. Link smashes a train window to get some fresh air, after the explorer suggests that he “cracks open a window”, but most of the other jokes weren’t that laugh worthy.

Missing Link 2

I do think that Mr. Link himself, who will be voiced by comedian Zach Galifianakis, seems a bit charming, there’s an every man quality to his personality that amusingly contrasts against his furry Sasquatch appearance, but I do fear that he could be too annoying, because of his verbal diarrhea. Sir. Lionel, played by Hugh Jackman, has a dry personality that may bounce off well against Mr. Link’s chatty nature, there’s something there in the trailer.

The Animation looks very pretty, there’s sort of a vintage look to everything, a bit like LAIKA’s other film “The Boxtrolls”, I dig that kind of aesthetic personally, and the nature backgrounds appear rather lovely. Nothing in the trailer indicates anything visually spectacular though, another reason why I’m not too giddy about the movie, considering that LAIKA’s movies are renowned for being mindblowingly experimental when it comes to stop motion.

Missing Link 3.jpg

I think that this might be in the “Okay” spectrum of quality, based on what has been teased so far, as nothing in the trailer says that it’ll be as impressive as “Kubo and the Two Strings” or “Coraline”, but there’s also nothing too noticeably off-putting about it either (minus maybe Mr. Link’s frequent dialogue). I’m fine with that, if it’s the case, as I don’t expect every film from a studio to be creatively ambitious, a nice quiet understated movie can mix things up; but it does give the film a disadvantage if it wants to be remembered by a wide audience, compete with other studios, or make a big impact. What do you think of this trailer? Let me know in the comment section below!

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  1. This looks lovely, friendly, charismatic. I for one will definitely keep an eye out for it and will watch it as soon as I can if it comes out in a cinema near me! This can probably make for a chill, lighthearted fun flick to relax and laugh at after we had the incredibly enormous and action-packed Kubo and the Two Strings. It’s great to see Laika cover as much fields of genres there can be on the entertainment industry, from horror in Coraline, to drama and mistery in ParaNorman and adventure in Kubo. They’re a spectacular studio to be admired, respected and followed with their wonderful stop-motion masterpieces.

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