Warner Bros. Release “Pokémon: Detective Pikachu” Trailer

Written by Jambareeqi

Posted 14th November, 2018

There’s finally a live action Pokémon movie coming out soon, but this is no Ash Ketchum adventure, it’s a buddy cop movie about a Detective Pikachu (voiced by Ryan Reynolds), teaming up with a failed Pokémon trainer called Tim (played by Justice Smith), to uncover the mystery behind Tim’s father’s disappearance.

As a life-long Pokémon fan myself, I’m quite happy to see my favourite pocket monsters in a live action movie, it’s almost surreal to witness, because the concept has been dreamed up by fans for so long, that it became almost impossible to believe it’ll ever happen. Yes, it’s not about Ash, but that doesn’t bother me, as someone who has mixed feelings on that character, and our main character here is roughly the age of a first generation Pokémon fan – which will speak to millennial nostalgia.

Tim Goodman

As I mentioned, Pikachu is voiced by Ryan Reynolds, don’t worry though, he’s the only celebrity voiced character, and it Ikue Ōtani still voices Pikachu when he doesn’t speak English. Confused? Let me explain, this Pikachu can be understood by Tim, while everyone else just hears him say “Pika! Pika!”, which will make for some funny interactions for sure, especially with Ryan Reynold’s natural ability to make any line sound three times more hilarious.

You’re most likely wondering about my thoughts on the animation for the Pokemon, which has divided many fans, some loving them and others finding them to be “gross”. Here’s the thing, translating hand drawn characters into 3D CGI is very tough, you have to make them look faithful to the original designs, but you still need to be certain that they appear organic, it’s a super hard line to meet.


Failing to reach this balance can have consequences, like with Michael Bay’s Transformers, which put realistic mechanical intricacy before identifiable visual design, leading to characters that look downright unreadable, and it’s that stretch towards the uncanny valley that upset fans. On the other end of the spectrum, you have the potential issue of making the characters look too cartoony, which will make us fail to believe that they are part of a world where Pokémon are real, and that’s something that could kill the movie.


Personally, I think that Detective Pikachu reaches the standard I’d expect, where the Pokémon are a mix of anime monster aesthetics and biological realism. I don’t even have a personal issue with any of these Pokémon, because I instantly recognise them all, which is very important to me as a fan. Yes, Mr. Mime looks a little creepy, they could have given him a less Tim Burton-esque face, but I don’t think he’s as disturbing as most folks are making him out to be, I’ve seen much worse. I also trust the director, Rob Letterman, because he has a background in directing at Dreamworks Animation, he’s bound to have a high knowledge of animation standards, even if he did co-direct the awful “Shark Tale”.

Mr. Mime

My only real fear is that the film’s story will be bogged down with buddy cop movie cliches, especially after sitting through a Pokéball collection of them in “The Happytime Murders” this year. It’s a genuine concern I had after seeing the trailer, but that’s because the dynamic isn’t explored that much, with most of the trailer centering on the joke that Pikachu is now a talking detective. I’ll remain apprehensive, yet hope that the finished movie takes me by surprise, perhaps it’ll twist the genre’s expectations around, and maybe give a new angle on this setup. What do you think of this trailer? Let me know in the comment section below! Also, if you’re new to this site, consider exploring it, and maybe click the subscribe button.

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  1. I liked the trailer fine enough. Jigglypuff looks adorable. Also, why do you have mixed feelings towards Ash? I think he’s fine.

    • Ash can be brave and good hearted, a good role model for kids even, but he can also be dumb and obnoxious, plus he doesn’t actually earn most of the Indigo League badges through legit battles, but rather through favors for the gym leaders. He has become less annoying in newer seasons, but he can still have tendencies to bug me, like when he said the awful line “That volcano looks hot” in one episode -_-

      • Oh god, that line. Dialogue like that always makes me cringe. Interestingly, what are your thoughts on other characters like Misty and Brock?

      • I can’t stand Misty, she might be caring and sympathetic, but her constant whining and yelling at Ash gets so aggravating. Funny fact, according DVD Audio commentary for the first Pokemon movie, Misty’s reaction to Ash being turned to stone was going to be “My Bike…” haha

      • Oh and Brock? He has his moments,like the frying pan gag, and he can be kind to Pokemon, but his constant hitting on every woman gets creepy and annoying, especially in the age of the #MeToo movement

      • It’s honestly refreshing hearing a negative perspective on Misty. I can’t say i hate her (she’s actually more tolerable in the Johto seasons) but she is annoying to put up with a lot of the time. Brock is hilarious but yeah, the constant hitting on woman really bugs me. I’m not sure if you’ve watched the Advanced or Diamond and Pearl anime but trust me when I say May and Dawn are far more likeable characters than Misty.

      • I remember liking May, not seen enough of Dawn

      • What I like about May is her character development. She starts off not liking Pokemon that much but with the help of Ash (and Max and Brock later on), she grows more comfortable around Pokemon. There’s a lot more to why May is my favourite companion of Ash but we would be here all day if I went in full detail.

      • She sounds a bit like Lily in Sun & Moon

      • Huh, Sun and Moon retreading character development. Eh, lots of shows do it so what’s worth complaining? Did you know that Veronica Taylor voiced May when 4kids still had the dubbing rights?

      • Just because a flaw happens frequently, doesn’t make it any less of a problem, and normalizing it can discourage creators from trying to avoid repetitive patterns. I knew Veronica voiced May, yes.

      • Sorry I said “what’s worth complaining?”, I was low on what words to say. To be honest, I haven’t watched the Sun and Moon anime (minus a few episodes) so I don’t know if Lily’s character development is any different from May.

      • I’m sure there are differences, but I can’t say

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