“The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius” – Krunch Time (EPISODE REVIEW)

Krunch Time 0.png

In this episode of “Jimmy Neutron”, Jimmy invents the greatest candy ever, but this homemade confectionery is so delectable, that that the people of Retroville become addicted to it, and Jimmy decides to take advantage of their dependence.

Whenever I look back on this show, it’s this particular episode that sticks out the most, but why is that? Well, my theory is that it simply appealed to childhood love of sweets, because which kid doesn’t love candy? Okay, maybe a few, but it’s still a common passion when you’re 12 or under.

The candy itself doesn’t exactly look yummy in principle, it appears a little off-putting even, I don’t think I can even imagine what it could taste like based on it’s design, but it’s people’s reactions to eating it that says so much, their highly satisfied taste buds make this weird yellow spotted ball seem so appetizing! To the point where I’d actually love to try one myself haha.

Jimmy Neutron Candy

Even though this episode has a goofy tone, there is a dark side to it that I never noticed before, because this candy brings out the worst in EVERYONE. Not only does it turn loved ones against each other, to the extent where they fight one another for one measly bite, but their addiction also inspires Jimmy to exploit them; bringing out a rather sleazy side of Jimmy that we don’t often see.

Krunch Time 2.png

Although, Jimmy is still Jimmy, he knows when he’s ended up going too far with an invention, he still has his morals despite giving in to easy temptations sometimes, and he does end up wanting to do the right thing by the end.

What changes his mind? Well, in a sinister change, the entire town become a sugar hungry mob, with even his own loving parents out for his blood; who happen to be nicest characters in the show. Not just that, Jimmy’s confections have also put Sam the candy bartender out business, sparking him to want to rile up the mob.

Krunch Time 4

Most “Jimmy Neutron” episodes are about an invention going terribly wrong, but this one ends up being a parable on something deeper than usual, whether it was intentional or not. I can’t confirm if an underlying metaphor for the candy was on purpose, but it is interesting how easy it is to come up with interpretations, especially for adults going on nostalgia trips to revisit this show.

You could see Jimmy’s candy as an analogy for drugs, how their addictive elements can bring out the worst in their users and what lengths they’ll go to show their loyalty to their dealers. On the other hand, the episode is sort of a commentary on the candy industry in general, because most candy is produced with addictive chemicals that’ll send kids loopy, a common criticism towards sugar companies.

Krunch Time 3.png

Heck, not many drug related kids’ cartoons are about actually MAKING drugs, they’re usually warnings about not saying yes to them, so it’s quite refreshing to see one showing the dangers of drug production. Also, because the drug metaphor isn’t blatant as all hell, like actual cartoons designed to steer kids away from drugs, it makes for a much less preachy story, one that maybe kids could work out for themselves.

To Conclude, this is a great Jimmy Neutron episode! It’s exciting seeing what this candy does to these usually harmless friendly characters, there’s some hilarious black comedy from Jimmy’s parents turning on their own son, and the episode acts as a good lesson on the dangers of producing addictive products for the public.

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