“Dexter’s Laboratory” – Rude Removal EPISODE REVIEW

Rude Removal 2


In this unaired episode of “Dexter’s Lab”, Dexter invents a machine to remove Deedee’s rudeness, but the siblings break out into a fight over who is more rude, and they accidentally end up turning both of their rude sides into clones!

This episode was originally made for Season 2 of the Dexter’s Lab TV show, but Cartoon Network deemed it too inappropriate, and they refused to air it. However, creator Genndy Tartakovsky happily screens it at conventions, and Adult Swim has made available online.

DL 3

Yes, seeing the clones spilling profanities is what makes this episode funny! Sure, these characters can be abrasive, but this is a show designed for kids, so watching them swear is inherently hilarious. Yes, the swearing is censored with bleeps, so you can’t hear them saying “Fuck off!”, yet that makes it even funnier, because our imagination fills in the blanks (heck, any adult can easily work out what was originally said). Mind you, there’s actually an uncensored version on Dailymotion, but apparently that’s a fan edit?


The episode isn’t just characters saying fuck constantly though. Luckily, there’s more to the comedy dynamic beyond that. Polite Dexter and Deedee are startled by the obnoxious behavior of the clones, but they retain their friendly manners and stay naively optimistic. While it is funny seeing the clones being dicks, its equally amusing witnessing Dexter and Deedee acting like the Flanders kids.

However, its their mother’s response to the rude clones that REALLY steals the episode, because you can tell that she’s genuinely offended and taken back! Her over-the-top dramatic reactions help to make the clone’s profanity even more hilarious, due to sheer horror and rage she’s clearly expressing.

DL 4

To conclude, this is one of the funniest Cartoon Network show episodes I’ve EVER seen. Yes, that’s mainly due to how crass it is for a children’s show (especially if watched uncensored), but there’s still strong comedic value to seeing the rude clones bounce off everyone.


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  1. Samuel Brent

    What do you think of Dexter’s Laboratory in general? The first 2 seasons are incredible.

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