6 Tips for Film Reviewers on Youtube

Howdy Folks, Jambareeqi here! Do you have a film review show on Youtube? Or would like to start one? Well, I’ve been running multiple movie review shows on Youtube for 5 years, and will happily share advice inspired by my own experiences.

I can’t 100% guarantee that these techniques will maFhgically increase your audience overnight, but I can say that they’ve worked for myself or others. Also, some of this advice may have been dished out by me before, but that’s because some things are really worth repeating!




People really like to be in the loop, so consider staying up to date with what’s topical. Keep an eye on Youtube’s trending tab, can you review a film related to the #1 trending video? If there’s a blockbuster sequel being released in cinemas, consider reviewing it’s predecessor! Look at popular film reviewers’ comment sections, is there a pattern of the same film review request in each community? Review that movie! If there’s a demand for something, be that content creator hero, and fill in the gap.



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Whenever you pick a film to review, always challenge yourself with the question “Why am I reviewing this title?”. I say this, because it can help inspire the selling point or thematic tone of your overall video. Does the film mean something special to you? Is the movie’s existence strangely baffling? Is it an underrated gem that you want to defend? If you don’t have a solid or confident reason why you picked the film, then it maybe worth re-deciding your choice. I’ve always noticed that reviews with a clear intent, draw lots of audiences in, because they hold a consistent point or mood.



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When I say this, I don’t mean that you should start spamming your favourite famous reviewers with collab requests. High tier film reviewers get these kinds of messages all the time, and it can be embarrassingly hard for them to say no without feeling bad. Be realistic, be humble, and accept that your dream collab maybe best be saved for the future.

Browse for film reviewers on Youtube with the same sub count as you, check out their videos, and consider proposing a collab with them. Maybe you might get rejected or ignored, there’s a chance, but it’s always worth a shot!

A Collab review is great for audience growth, because you can attract eachother’s audiences to one another’s channels. My best advice? Well, back in 2016, me and Whyboy did collab reviews on eachother’s channels on the same release date, linking audiences to the other creator’s review at the end of our videos. Both mine and Whyboy’s fanbases soared thanks to this method!

Sure, your collab partner might not be a famous internet celebrity, but you should respect them nonetheless; they’re just as human as you, they’re in the same boat as you, and they can make for an awesome new friend to relate to. From experience, I encourage you get to know your collab partner before writing or filming together, or the whole process will feel less fun.




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Now, this one is easier said than done, considering that not everyone has the budget to improve their production values. However, you can always make little baby steps, based on what’s realistic for you personally. The thing is, Youtube audiences have the freedom to leave your video anytime, because the platform has so so so so so so much content to offer.

If your voiceover sounds like it was recorded on a potato, or your video quality makes you look like a serial killer doing a creepy diary, then there’s a chance that a viewer will hop onto a less scary or grainy video. Consider hosting a Patreon page, so you can ask fans to help you raise funds for new equipment, as I’m sure they’ll appreciate seeing your visual & audio quality improving.

But upping your game doesn’t just apply to your channel on a technical level, you can also improve your presentation skills in terms of hosting! When you watch back your videos, observe how you deliver your lines or express your face, how can you make yourself come across as more approachable or entertaining? Maybe your background looks too messy or distracting, perhaps your face is too serious, or there’s a chance that you’re too quiet or too loud.

No matter what stage you’re at as a Youtuber, you are ALWAYS improving, remember that. Even I like to re-watch my most recent videos, and work out how I can write or present myself better.




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Many film reviewers have made names for themselves from JUST their reviews, and kudos to those folks. However, if you’re struggling to get an audience, don’t be afraid to try other kinds of content on the side. This doesn’t mean that you have to make stuff completely unrelated to your niche, you can always bring that topic or passion with you into this new series.

A Sideline show can serve as a gateway TO your film reviews, by making new audiences curious about what else you do. It’s a completely common route to take, Animat does “Animation History”, Phelous has “Bootleg Zone”, and Brad Jones hosts his Midnight Screenings. Myself? I make Top 5 Best & Worst videos on animation studios & directors, and these videos are actually even more popular than my film reviews.




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Don’t start a film review series on Youtube just to get famous, because that WILL show, trust me. The more desperate for fame you come across, the less approachable and respectable you look to potential new audiences. Make film review videos because you love to share your opinions or have something very personal to say about a movie.

People can really connect to content creators who exhibit enthusiasm about what they’re talking about, so wear your passion on your sleeves with pride and joy. Don’t worry too much about looking cool or wildly impressing audiences, let your natural personality shine without any sense of shame or embarrassment.

If your videos are starting to get boring to make, consider shifting your direction by trying new ideas. Maybe introduce a storyline to your season? Because, narratives can spice up a review’s pacing with high-stakes behind WHY you’re reviewing the film. Consider having entertaining visuals to assist your points; like animation, fancy graphics, or green screened sketches.

Heck, my best suggestion would be to ask yourself “What would I want to see in a film review series?”, as you’re the boss of your own show at the end of the day. The more your show reflects your sense of self expression & fun, then the more likely audiences will immediately resonate with you.


I really hope that these tips helped you! Good luck.

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