Iron Man (2008) FILM REVIEW

Iron Man 2008

Written by Jambareeqi 

Posted 23rd April, 2018

WARNING: The Following review contains spoilers.

Tony Stark is a wealthy tech savvy tycoon who proudly runs his father’s weapons company “Stark Industries”, but when he discovers that his weapons are being used by terrorists, he decides to shift his company’s directions, and builds himself a metal suit to help him take down criminals. This change in motives for Stark, ruffles the feathers of his business partner Obadiah Stane, who fears for the financial state of Stark Industries.

Let’s not beat around the bush, the strength of this film IS Robert Downey Jnr’s Tony Stark, he carries the movie with his natural charisma, bringing both dramatic pathos and comic wit to the role. Stark is a man who starts out as an egocentric narcissist, but his experiences witnessing evil using his technology, opens his eyes and helps him to develop a greater responsibility. I believe in his heartbreak and guilt, when he sees that his well meaning efforts to protect America, have been exploited by crooks who have no empathy for humankind.


When donning the suit, Tony becomes a beacon of justice and a badass action star, the kind of hero that victims of terrorism need at a time of despair. It’s also great to see a hero that’s super smart and educated on technology, because he can not only continue to update his powers, but also use his engineering knowledge to recover from tight predicaments, and I have to praise any kind of hero that empowers the gift of intellectualism.

Iron Man 4

Behind his cheeky one liners though, Stark is clearly a lonely man, after years of putting himself before more sentimental connections, and he even tries to compensate for this by adding personalities to his machines. Although, there’s potential for more human companionship, in the form of Stark’s assistant Pepper Potts, a woman with a professional commitment to her job, and a determination to deliver on Tony’s frequent demands. Although, as loyal as she is, she will stand her ground if Tony goes too far, or a client pushes her buttons,  and she even plays valuable roles in uncovering a conspiracy; so she’s not simply just a shy serious secretary.


Deep down, Tony and Pepper are harboring affectionate feelings towards eachother, but it can’t be taken advantage of, because of Stark’s reputation as a womanizer, and Potts rightfully doesn’t want to people to get the wrong impression about her. Although, there’s a spark there, something sizzling that comes close to igniting a firey boom, but like I said, Pepper has her courteous reputation to look out for. I like that this relationship is on the fence, dangling between naughty office tension and stern line drawing, never truly concluding; because it opens up room for romantic development in sequels, and prevents this love story from feeling too fast.

Tony Pepper

The only aspect of the film that unfortunately lets it down, has to be it’s villain, a criticism that’s been made towards many MCU movies for years. You see, it turns out that Obadiah is heading this whole terrorist conspiracy, meaning that he’s been the villain all along, and ends up becoming Tony’s enemy once his secret is out. Don’t get me wrong, Obadiah brings some fun action and creepy tension to later scenes, but as a bad guy? Come on, he’s just a generic war hungry businessman who drearily monologues his evil plans, and I am 100% certain I’ll forget he’s even part of this franchise by my next marvel movie review. Not even the usually charismatic Jeff Bridges can bring any kind of flavour to this toothless bland role, which is REALLY saying something!


To Conclude, Iron Man is a great popcorn movie starring an actor in a return to form, that explores moral responsibility for wealthy businesses, while also giving us kickass action backed with awesome classic rock music, and teasing us with a cute office romance that’s brimming with chemistry. However, it’s weak spot, as with many MCU films, is it’s dull as dishwater bad guy, who follows this recent trend of last minute twist threats we see in films lately, and is played by a wasted talent who doesn’t bring much to the table.

4 and a quarter strawberries WHITE

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  1. Robert Downey Jr was born to play Iron Man.
    Marvel Studios have also already made Ant-Man and the Wasp

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