“Doug” – Doug & Patti Sittin’ in a Tree (EPISODE REVIEW)

Doug Patti 1.png

Written by Jambareeqi

When Patti asks Doug to the movies, with no other guests joining their outing, Doug becomes confused whether it’s a date, and if it is, how will he approach the night out? His schoolmates immaturely tease him, while his family overwhelms him with too much attentive support, but he just doesn’t know what to do.

What I like about this episode, is how it truly captures childhood dating, it doesn’t overromanticize the story, this is how two kids would naturally respond to such a situation like this. When you’re young, dating is more innocent, plus you don’t fully understand the customs, so it makes sense that Doug would be conflicted about Patti’s invite.

Doug Patti 2.png

It’s also sweet that his loved ones want to be there for Doug, even if they don’t notice how it’s bothering him, their intentions are well meaning at the end of the day. I couldn’t help but smile at Porkchop pretending to be Patti in a practice date too, it shows that he’s a good friend to his owner, and it’s too cutely humorous how he plays along with the pretend date.

After all the build up, the date finally happens, it’s actually really hard to watch it all play out, because we don’t know how things will go, I’ll admit that I had to kept pausing from the awkwardness haha! I could feel Doug’s fast heartbeats through the screen. I reckon it all works though, as this is what it’s like trying to work out someone’s feelings, it’s always a mind boggling cryptic game at any age.
Doug Patti 3.png

We never see things from Patti’s side of things, this helps us to put ourselves in Doug’s shoes, we empathise with his uncertainty, questioning Patti’s thoughts as much as he is doing so. It’s only when Doug abandons social expectations and assumptions, that the date starts to feel less tense, embracing the lesson that a date flows smoother when you relax into being yourself.

After the movie, there’s still skepticism about whether it was even a date, plus we can’t tell if Patti intended for it to be a romantic experience, but it’s their crude attempts at reading each other that makes the final conclusion so cute, their shy sidestepping is too adorable for words. I can’t help but see my own life’s “Does she really like me?” moments in this last act of the episode, the writing is that identifiable and true.

Doug Patti 4.png

To Conclude, this is a very endearing coming of age episode of Nickelodeon’s “Doug”, it wonderfully reflects the innocence and naivety of childhood crushes, never trying to frame it in glamorous light to pander to fans. If you are after a big dramatic romantic episode of Doug, you’ll be very let down; but keep in mind that this isn’t supposed to be a sweeping love story, it’s a realistic take on innocent young love.

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  1. Doug was a cartoon that I never found as interesting or as in depth as other slice of life shows but I still appreciate its simplicity, it’s importance in the animation industry, and although Doug himself is pretty much a blank slate at best, he’s still a great role model for children watching the show.

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