NEWS: Pixar Release Official “Toy Story 4” Trailer

TS 4 Bo.png

Written by Jambareeqi

Posted 19th March, 2019

No more vague teasers, Toy Story 4 finally has a brand new full length trailer out now, it introduces a plot in which Bonnie’s new favourite toy Sporky ends up leaving, so Woody chases after the little fella, only to discover the new whereabouts of Bo Beep.

I’ve been defending this film for a while, insisting that it COULD justify it’s existence, because I believe that Toy Story movies have unlimited possibilities for storytelling, there’s still so many things that could be done with the right level of imagination (I mean, just look at the TV Specials “Toy Story of Terror” and “Toy Story that Time Forgot” to see great examples of the franchise expansion actually working pretty decently), but after seeing the trailer? I’m on the fence, I really am, it’s hard for me to fully support this film’s potential with huge confidence anymore.


Why is this? Well, the film seems to be dominated with the same themes we’ve seen before: a toy not believing in who they really are and Woody having to convince them otherwise, Woody discovering a new part of the world that might draw him away from his child, Buzz leading the gang on a rescue mission for missing toys, and the challenge of facing change. We seem to be getting more of the same things, a film that treads over-familiar waters, perhaps for the sake of nostalgia bait or profitable safety measures, which is saddening.

I was very excited when this trailer’s premiere was announced yesterday, eager to see the full scope of what’s been teased for so long, only to mainly feel a slight sense of disappointment, accepting that maybe this sequel really didn’t need to be made, and Pixar let me down after I stuck up for their ambitions.

Toy Story 4.png

I say all this though, but the movie also seems to be entering new territories too, like how Bonnie can create her very her toy that’ll come to life, that’s a pretty huge aspect for a Toy Story film that’s never been done before! It’s the closest we’ve ever come to the birth of these sentient toys, but that might possibly open up a can of worms regarding the franchise’s fantasy, we’ll see.

Heck, there’s also a brand new environment for the toys to explore, a fun fair! This carnival setting looks vibrantly colourful and might be inspiring some interesting set pieces involving rides & game stalls. This story backdrop seems to be a big selling point for the movie’s marketing, so perhaps the fun fair will be narratively utilized to the film’s advantage.

Carnival TS 4.png

At the same time, Bo Peep seems to have totally adapted to her new home, she’s maybe even happier here than when she was with Andy, and this does excitingly pop the question “Can toys REALLY move on?”. The Toy Story films have often stuck firmly to their happy endings, never letting characters truly face the prospect of leaving a child entirely.

Yes, they had to say goodbye to Andy, but they comfortably moved into the arms of Bonnie straight after, so it wasn’t a change drastic enough to shift their whole dynamic, they’d still be playing games with a child in a safe cosy home. So, maybe, just maybe, Toy Story 4 will be the film that pushes our protagonists away from their comfort zones, giving us a film where Woody & Co. start living a life outside the norm for them, which would break the pattern of endings that these films have had so far.

For now, I’m cautious and skeptical, unlike before, when I was one of the less pessimistic people, vouching for this sequel’s right to exist. With that being said, I still have a glimmer of hope left, as the movie is still showing signs of new concepts that seem exciting, plus this is still a movie that’ll give us closure for Bo Peep’s arc (who was vacant from the last Toy Story movie). Bo & Woody’s romance, which the previous films only flirted with for the most part, maybe meatier for this fourth film too, as Bo has her biggest role yet and will be sharing A LOT of screen time with Woody.

Oh and to anyone wondering, I have no strong opinions on Sporky yet, he doesn’t seem that funny in these clips, but he also isn’t annoying, he’s only a small focus in the start of the trailer before everything centres on Bo Peep. Anyway, feel free to explore my website while you’re here, there’s lots of other written articles & movie reviews to read, just click the “writings” tab on the above menu.

Toy Story 4 hits US cinemas on 21st June.


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  1. I can see why you might be skeptical of Toy Story 4 after watching the trailer. It does look like it’s retreading similar ground. This was an issue I had with Toy Story 3 though. With that said, I’m still going to see this film because it looks like it’s at least exploring new grounds and hopefully this new grounds could be the main focus. Toy Story 2 is still my favourite installment in the series.

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