Jambareeqi’s MCU Written Reviews

_______________________________________________________________________________Captain AmericaCAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER

Super soldier Steve Rogers dons a patriotic suit to become the heroic Captain America, and takes on the evil cult known as Hydra.


Iron Man 2008IRON MAN

A wealthy business tycoon slash genius engineer, decides to make himself a metal suit, in a bid to stop the evil in the world. 


spider-man-582660.660x368SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING

Peter Parker tries to balance a super hero mission, with school love, and studies. 


Thor MovieTHOR

A Norse God must prove his worth as a super hero, as his brother takes over his Kingdom.




A talented neurosurgeon ends up in a car crash, and discovers a new spiritual destiny as a magical super hero.


Black Panther 2BLACK PANTHER

An African King with super powers, has to protect his Kingdom from outside threat.


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