Leroy & Stitch (2006) FILM REVIEW

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Written by Jambareeqi

Posted 27th October, 2018

This TV movie serves as both a finale for “Lilo & Stitch: The Series” and the last installment of the Lilo & Stitch franchise. Lilo, Stitch, Jumba, and Pleakley are rewarded for giving all the experiments a home, but Lilo’s space friends are granted prizes that’ll require them to leave Hawaii, and she reluctantly let’s them go. Meanwhile, Gantu has helped Dr. Hämsterviel escape from prison, so that they can locate Jumba, and ask the evil doctor to make him an experiment of his own called Leroy.

Now, remember that everyone is granted a special reward? Well, Stitch gets to be captain of a big red battleship, and while I know that Stitch loves ships, I don’t buy that he would leave Lilo to pilot one as a captain. This franchise is built on the strong friendship between Lilo & Stitch, they are inseparable, there’s no way a fancy big spaceship would drag Stitch away from his best friend.

The whole reason everyone goes off to enjoy their prizes, is so that the film can teach the characters to treasure their Ohana, because they later realise how lonely they are without the others. Sure, Jumba and Pleakley could do with a test of loyalty, but Stitch already experienced this lesson in the first film, that’s what his arc was mainly about, he doesn’t need to go through the same beats again. It’s very redundant, because it goes against Stitch’s character, and retreads overfamiliar ground.

Putting that aside, Leroy & Stitch is still a fun climax to the series, a real treat for fans that ties things up pretty nicely, and gives audiences a good time. Leroy himself may just be an evil Stitch, but it’s exciting to see where things could have gone if 626 stayed bad, with encouragement from a toxic villain, and worse, what if there was an army of him?! The film addresses something that many audiences have wondered since the first film, so it’s cool that it’s giving potential answers.

This is also the most eventful “Lilo & Stitch” film, centering more on Hämsterviel’s galactic domination than slice of life adventures in Hawaii, which is fitting for a film designed to finish the story, because it helps the franchise end with a bang. Characters discover new sides to themselves, experiments are put in huge danger, Stitch faces his equal foe in the form of Leroy, Dr. Hämsterviel finally has the advantage over our heroes, and much more. It all builds towards an explosive showdown between the Leroy clones and all the experiments, giving kids a chance to spot their favourite monsters in the carnage, and each experiment has an opportunity to show off their unique talents for the purpose of high stakes action.

Although, a lot is still left to be desired, as the 72 minute running time makes for a short experience, so there’s little time for Lilo & Stitch themselves to be together, because they are split apart for most of the film, dealing with Dr. Hämsterviel in their own ways, and this is bound to disappoint some fans who came to see them bonding. If their friendship isn’t why you love this series, then this won’t bother you, but for me, it’s one of the movie’s let downs.

The animation is the exact same quality as the TV Show’s, very cheap looking and limited; but that’s not too surprising for a TV movie. I just wish that the last sequel to one of my favourite Disney features, was given more impressive and dignified production values. Out of all the sequels, this is the one that deserved animation on the same level as the first film, because of it’s grandiose scale and the fact that it signals the end.

To conclude, I’ll certainly say that this film is the best of the Lilo & Stitch sequels, as it amps up so much, and delivers more than enough as a TV show finale. It just needed better animation, more faithful writing for Stitch’s character, perhaps a longer runtime, and then maybe it would have been even greater.

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  1. I agree that this is the best of the Lilo and Stitch sequels. It ends the tv series on a high note and gives the franchise a solid enough climax. How would rank the sequels from worst to best? My pick for the worst is Lilo and Stitch 2.

  2. I was not surprised that you would give Leroy & Stitch 3.5/5 strawberries (3 points to the content, 3 points to the characters, 2 points to the animation, 5 points to the voice acting, 4 points to the music and 17/25 points overall).

  3. About the tv show. Do you like the concept of 625 experiments to be discovered and turned from bad to good or does it sound like Disney capitalizing on the juggernaut success of Pokemon at the time?

    • It’s not an original premise at all, but it’s still a fun series

      • This was a comment I wanted to make yesterday but I forgotten what I was gonna write until it hit me again. Because of its premise, a lot of people would call it a rip off of Pokemon which I can to a certain extent agree.

        With that said. I would argue that for its time that Lilo and Stitch The Series was arguably a more enjoyable show than Pokemon (at least when compared to the early seasons). Pokemon for its time felt more like a cash in to the video games until later seasons where they actually cared about what they were working on. Lilo and Stitch The Series does admittedly feel like it copies the Pokemon formula though not entirely. Plus, I find Lilo and Stitch The Series to be less formulaic and better written. Can’t forget that it actually had LIKEABLE characters compared to early Pokemon episodes where they thought exaggerating character’s flaws would make them more relatable when in reality, it just makes them annoying to put up with.

        Honestly, I need to rewatch the show again to get a clearer mind. Do you know the best option to rewatch all of the Lilo and Stitch episodes?

    • May I ask why you think it’s a fun series? I haven’t watched it in a while (about 3 months) and my mind on it is a bit vague since I just watched it casually.

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